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Written by Rafal Burek   

Position 1 :

CPD Course on Fundamentals of Space Mission Analysis and Design

Vitrociset presents the second edition of the International Training Course on Space Mission Analysis and Design. This course, part of the Continuing Professional Development programme, is organised by the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow (UK), one of the European centres of excellence for research and development in the eld of space systems engineering.

This course offers specialised training through formal learning on all aspects of space mission design and operations, and is directed to people working in the space sector, with a background in engineering sciences, mathematics or physics, who need to acquire basic skills and knowledge in space mission design, and at experienced engineers or spacecraft operators, specialised in one particular area of expertise, who need to acquire a system level understanding of the overall space mission.
Vitrociset and the University of Strathclyde believe in this educational project, recognised at national and international levels. It is an intensive, full-time course consisting of 16 modules that cover the main aspects of the design of a space mission, delivered by an experienced teaching team from academia and industry, including experts from Vitrociset.

For more info please see CPD Course Brochure or contact me (rb (at) rafspace.pl)



Position 2 :

Spacecraft Operations Course

The German Space Operations Center has developed this course addressing all aspects of satellite operations and corresponding ground segment design. The course is intended for a maximum number of 18 participants and is held once a year in October.

The spacecraft operations course at GSOC also serves as a supplement to the well established Space Systems Engineering Course offered by the University of Southampton which focusses on spacecraft system design. On the opening day, a lecturer from the University of Southampton will present general aspects of space environment and satellite design.

The following subjects and topics will be addressed in the GSOC Spacecraft Operations Course:

  • Flight Dynamics
    • Orbit Aspects
    • Attitude Aspects
  • Mission Planning
    • Concepts and Methods
    • Application
  • Satellite Operations
    • Project Management
    • Mission Operations, Preparation and Execution
    • Operational Aspects of Satellite Subsystems Operations
    • Telemetry, Command & Ranging and Data Handling Subsystem Operations
    • Attitude and Orbit Control Subsystem Operations
    • Propulsion Subsystem Operations
    • Power and Thermal Subsystem Operations
    • Repeater and Scientific Instruments Subsystem Operations
    • Flight Experience
    • System Aspects
  • Human Spaceflight Mission Operations
    • ISS-Columbus Operations

  • Lessons by External Partners
    • Space Environment
    • Satellite Design
    • ATV Operations
    • Interplanetary Mission Operations
  • Ground Segment
    • Ground Station Networks
    • Ground Station Design & Ops
    • Satellite Control Centre
  • On-console Trainings
    • Control Room
    • Flight Dynamics
    • Mission Planning
  • Site-Tours
    • GSOC control and system rooms
    • Weilheim Ground station
    • Galileo Control Center

      For more information please look to course web page here : Spacecraft Operations Course



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